Maddy is a graduate Sports and Exercise Therapist with a background working with rugby players, gymnasts, body builders and footballers- as well as recreational sports enthusiasts. This wide sporting variety means she works with a client centred approach to deliver expert treatment and rehabilitation.

Her main passion lies in exercise rehabilitation from her vast experience in strength and conditioning work. As an Ex-Great Britain Gymnast, the grueling hours of both training and coaching in the sport have brought her down this career path. Having competed for 14 years, she understands the frustration of a sporting injury and the determination to make a safe and quick recovery.

Since retiring from gymnastics, Maddy continues to lead an active, healthy lifestyle as well as encouraging others to reap the benefits. She now participates mainly in distance running and skiing. Being a keen skier from a very young age, working for Alpine Sports Physio in St. Anton is the perfect combination for work and play!