Our expert team are trained specifically to deal with the demands of the mountains. Whether it’s skiing and snowboarding or cycling, hiking and climbing, we know how much mountain sports mean to you.

Whether you are injured, suffering from a niggling knee or just fatigued from a day in the mountains, our passion lies in restoring and maintaining your physical fitness to help you enjoy the mountains as much as we do and feel better than ever.

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Tired Legs? Sports massage, relaxing massage or deep tissue massage. Whatever your style, it’s the perfect way to recover after a day on the slopes. We can also provide multiple therapists for couples or group massage – our most popular service!


Using a combination of treatments, strength and conditioning-based rehabilitation exercises and various taping techniques, our specialist therapists will decide on the best way to get you back on the mountain as safely and as quickly as possible.


Our classes are designed for your needs – private, group or individual. Whether it’s your first class and you want to try something new, or you’re an experienced Yogi and just want to stretch after a hard day on the mountains, we are here to help.

Ski like the pros

Our Ski like the Pros packages are tailored for groups or individuals wanting to experience elite level support and preparation just like a professional ski team. Packages are designed for the needs of the group and are bespoke for each of our clients.

Cycle like the pros

Our specialist team of soigneurs are made up of physiotherapists, sports therapists and massage therapists who are prepared to travel worldwide to make sure you have the best care possible to keep you in the saddle and riding at your very best.

Personal training

Whether you have a programme you’re following at home that you need to continue with whilst on holiday or you are on a fitness retreat in the mountains and would like a trainer to assist with your exercise programme, our excellent trainers are here for you.