Josefine Lützau

Aged just 25, Josefine Lützau is Denmark’s top ranked female freeride skier, having competed in the Freeride World Tour Qualifier series 2020 (FWQ). Freeride competitions involve negotiating steep, natural, un-groomed terrain, without a set course, goals or rules. There are no perfect man-made takeoffs or landings and each individual rider’s route varies, and is personally plotted out in pre-run inspections. Constantly changing weather and snow conditions add an extra element to these events, and the unpredictably random aspect of freeride terrain contributes to a high risk of personal injury. FWQ is the Qualification Series of the Professional Freeride World Tour, where the world’s eight best female and 23 male skiers battle the World Cup title.

Josefine Lützau ended the 2017-18 season ranked 17th among women worldwide. After a long rehabilitation following an ankle injury, Josefine has trained tirelessly to bounce back to victory. When she’s not travelling the world competing or studying for her Art degree back home in Denmark, Josefine spends most of her time here in the Arlberg, enjoying the slopes riding backcountry, finding the freshest powder and the best lines to track.

Josefine is an incredibly talented skier and she is leading the way for many young freeriders across Europe. We work with Josefine on and off the mountain, as well as the gym to keep her skiing at her very best and help her to achieve her goal of a place on the World Freeride Tour. In such a thrilling and dangerous sport, injury is just part and parcel of Josefine’s discipline and her previous injury list is quite extensive. Our goals are to fine tune injury prevention strategies and help with programming her busy lifestyle alongside intense training.