Gandys; Don’t Just Exist

“Don’t Just Exist” – this is the message driven forward by Gandy’s London, encouraging everyone to make the most of their life, explore and find their own adventures. Living in the beautiful surroundings of the Austrian Alps is a perfect place to spread this message, making Alpine Sports Physio proud to be in partnership with Gandy’s London. As a fresh new union, the staff of Alpine Sports Physio are excited to live and spread this message also helping others to live the message by keeping them fit and well to explore and find new adventures in the mountains.

Bringing a bit of London to the St Anton area, the new Gandy’s winter collection has been warmly received by the Physio team. Looking professional and stylish in the snow, the quality of the winter apparel will be keeping the team warm and dry this season. The signature wax cotton jackets are idyllic for the cold winters that hit the Arlberg. Hand made with cuffed sleeves and deep diamond quilt lined pockets to make our therapists comfortable and able to keep their hands warm as we travel to our clients – because let’s face it receiving a massage with blocks of ice as hands is not something we want our clients to experience.

Keep an eye out for our therapists in this contemporary fashion and check it out for yourselves. If you need any more reason to look into the brand there is something particularly special about Gandy’s that makes us at Alpine Sports Physio even more proud to be in partnership. Gandy’s are more than just a message and clothing brand, they are also known for their initiative ‘Orphans for Orphans’ donating a percentage of profits to building children’s homes worldwide. As a part of this partnership, Alpine Sports Physio will be donating money raised at events throughout the year to support the Orphans for Orphans charity making a difference to children all over the world.

Thank you to the brothers; Rob and Paul the creators of this initiative for partnering us this season so we can be a part of the adventure and impact.