Our Trusty Land Rover

Alpine Sports Physio are now firmly established in the Arlberg and have been for 5 years. As a mobile company it is essential that we have reliable, versatile and spacious vehicles. We had the pleasure of using our trusty Land Rover Discovery since the first mobile physio appointment, it was perfect for powering around the Alps with purpose, in any weather conditions the mountains could throw at us. This monster of a vehicle has seen us return home safely through blizzards, ice rain, and treacherous winds. At 25 years old (older than some of our staff) our Land Rover was iconic to Alpine Sports Physio and was recognised all over town creating opportune business. Unfortunately all good things come to an end…

Or do they? This winter we are delighted to now be in official partnership with Denzel & Unterberger GmbH & Co KG – Innsbruck and during our time of need they have generously upgraded our team with a new Land Rover Discovery Sport model. Freshly branded with our Alpine Sports Physio logo, the jet black four wheel drive stands out and is already turning heads around town. See if you can spot us!

Excitement is building as another busy winter commences and we are confident this relationship will excel our efficiency and allow us to expand on our bespoke service, arriving to your accommodation on time and with all the equipment we need to make the appointment run successfully. We are very grateful to Denzel & Unterberger for their time and expertise in finding the perfect vehicle for our Alpine needs.