Why We Love Sport Tape

Every therapist working in sport will know and understand the benefits of using kinesiology tape, there are many brands available although the experience and expertise of the therapists at Alpine Sports Physio led them to select Sport Tape as a brand that performs exactly how we want it to. We have had success time and time again using the tape to support grumbly knees, help recovery and function following a muscle tears, or support an unstable shoulder being just a few examples. The premium tape continues to be hugely beneficial in aiding recovery for a variety of different injuries and accelerating return to sport. This has consequently allowed our clients a more prompt return to their mountain activities.

As well as partnering with Alpine Sport Physio, Sport Tape have been the official supplier for Team GB during the olympic games as well as supporting the British Ski and Snowboard teams during the Winter Olympics. As therapists for Alpine Sports Physio we pride ourselves on giving each of our clients the premium service; if Sport Tape is what Olympians choose to use to keep them at the top of their game then we would not consider offering anything less than this.

This makes us proud to not only be using the Sport Tape for our clients but are now an official distributor of the brand. The tape has hypoallergenic properties making it suitable for sensitive skin. The tape also has an easy application so the therapists at Alpine Sports Physio can educate you on some of the best application methods utilising the tape for your body’s support and performance, enabling you to continue recovery and activity from home.

Alpine Sports Physio work closely with some of the local athletes to the Arlberg region. This year Andy, Vreni and Josefine, are all due to take on once in a lifetime challenges or compete on the World Stage. They will be just a few of the people benefiting from the Sport Tape brand helping them to achieve their respective goals.